About Us

Zestora started as a project by the international team of specialized physiotherapists at The Pain Relief Practice to better help people regain healthy active lives.

Live Pain-Free with Zestora

Specialized medical technology meets the convenience of ecommerce. Solutions can now be delivered to your home.

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Telemedicine is greatly improving access to healthcare.

Previous generations of health websites generally provide general information, videos, exercises, or simply track a person’s health.

With over 2 decades of combined clinical experience, our medical team understands that people want actual solutions to their conditions.

And these solutions exist.

They include not only new mobile apps but also medical products and self therapy devices from international medtech companies that can now be delivered to the home.

Launched with the support of Spring Singapore as well as our international network of partners and medical doctors, Zestora is an Online Health Coaching and Solutions Delivery Platform.

Zestora does not replace your doctor, physiotherapist or local healthcare provider.

Zestora complements the care you receive from your current provider.

With Zestora, you:

  • Get important information your current healthcare provider may not have mentioned
  • Receive therapy solutions that may not be locally available
  • Achieve far better results and improved health