Do you find yourself wanting to recover from back, neck or knee pain quickly but afraid of hefty medical bills?

  • We get it. Effective therapy can drain your wallet quickly. Not to mention that it can require multiple clinic visits, be time consuming and be potentially disruptive to your daily life.
  • Sometimes, you may not feel better even after multiple treatments, which can be frustrating.
  • If you find yourself nodding away to these points, then Zestora was created for YOU.
  • Zestora is an affordable, convenient and fuss-free way of recovering from pain and staying pain-free.
  • Get on-demand access to recovery tips, nutrition videos, rehab exercises and personal access to a pain recovery expert.
  • The best part? This can be done from the very comfort of your own home.
  • Start a Zestora trial to regain your health and live the pain-free life you deserve!

Why Join Zestora

How digital health coaching helps you:

  • Professional expertise at your fingertips

  • Avoid repeated clinic visits

  • Professional expertise at your fingertips

  • Avoid repeated clinic visits

  • Direct access to digital coaches via Tele-Consultation, Phone Calls & WhatsApp

  • Live webinars conducted by professionals

  • Get customized therapy products

  • Trial Memberships

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How Zestora Works

  • Do an online assessment of your current problems.
  • Identify your health goals.
  • Get your customized solutions including : - AI powered recommendations - Personalized home recovery kit - Live 1 to 1 sessions with our digital health coaches - Live online classes that accelerate recovery

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1st month trial @ only US$7

(US$57/month for subsequent months)

Member Benefits

  • 1) Get Your Personal Health Coach
  • 2) Attend Live Web Classes
  • 3) Emailed Health Secrets
  • 4) Home Recovery Kits
  • 5) New Medical Technology
  • 6) Save Time, Safe Money
  • 7) Stay Home, Stay Safe
  • 8) Surprise Bonus Gifts

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team of health coaches have a background of professional physiotherapy qualifications from countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and Switzerland. They combine international training with practical experience and specialize in helping actual patients achieve real recovery from difficult conditions.
Zestora is not a replacement for your medical professional. You should always be under the care of a licensed medical professional in the country you live in. Zestora health coaching is a complement to the care of your medical professional by: providing closer online support helping you to save time and money from frequent visits giving you access to medical treatment options your medical professional may not now about
Our health coaches are experienced in helping many different types of patients but understand that each patient's condition is unique. Simply fill up the contact form with your information for us to assess how to best help you. In the unlikely situation where our health coaches feel that your condition is best helped by someone else, they will refer you to a more appropriate medical professional.